Putting customer value at the heart of our telematics offering

Telematics and refrigerated transport certainly looks like a match made in heaven. The ability to combine an equipment-based system with data logging, satellite positioning, and real-time data communication, promises much in terms of:

  • Saving money (including the cutting of fuel costs)
  • Improved asset utilization (less downtime)
  • Smarter operations (with activities such as proactive maintenance)

That’s why at least one analyst company predicts the market is set to grow by 15.2% – from 7.7 million fleet management units globally in 2017 to 15.6 million by 2022.

Making the most of the opportunity

But what does this all mean for dealers? Well, let’s look at it from a customer’s perspective. They’re under growing pressure from consumers, regulators, and their clients to monitor and demonstrate actual transport conditions – and to extend this visibility across every journey.

That in turn makes them receptive to the telematics story. In fact many of them (if they haven’t invested so far) are already exploring options, and looking at those vendors best able to detail clearly both the equipment on offer and the benefits these deliver.

Re-imaging our telematics story

To grow awareness and excitement around our Connected Solutions range of products and services, Thermo King has developed a new identity for the technology – based around 3 primary customer benefits:

  • Connect and see – the condition of assets at any time or location
  • Connect and know – that loads are compliant and risk is being managed effectively
  • Connect and grow – by raising critical uptime and asset utilization levels


A focus on customer value

The purpose behind this repositioning is to simplify the message behind the Connected Solutions range. With a number of products to choose from, starting the conversation around any of these three key benefits will quickly help you focus in on what the customer is trying to achieve.

See – which explores the value of real-time visibility into the location and condition of assets out on the road. This is a pillar that’s all about improving responsiveness to any emerging problem, and includes status monitoring for individual reefers.

Know – which addresses various factors relating to compliance and asset security. It’s here you can talk about the reassurance of knowing exact temperature ranges for loads in transit, details of all door openings, and cargo traceability.

Grow – which focuses on a range of practical factors aimed at helping customers deliver business success. These include the cutting of costs, the ability to enhance vehicle profitability, and using performance data to better plan for the future.

The tools to succeed

Underpinning the see, know, grow messaging are the same proven products many of your customers have already come to rely on. These include TracKing, TempuTrak, the TK Reefer App, and the recently launched Trailer Assist.

Then there’s the marketing support you can expect. To bring this revamped Connected Solutions offering to life, we’re in the process of completing a range of new assets to help generate interest, support sales, and boost adoption.

These will include a new solutions brochure, video, and quick start guide. Watch this space for more details.

Connect your dealership to new opportunities

Judging by the focus of this year’s industry events alone, fleet management is a real hot topic right now. Fueled by big data, better analytics, and pervasive connectivity, customers are demanding more information to be available in real-time at their fingertips.

With Connected Solutions, you too can build a reputation as the ‘go-to’ telematics dealer that’s able to unlock a fleet’s true potential – backed up by clear positioning and marketing support from Thermo King.

Ready for a connected future? Get inspired by our Connected Solutions offering.